Jimi Hendrix Live at Rainbow Bridge, Maui, 1970 (Full Concert)

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STREET ETIQUETTE: R&B Music dead? Never.


New James Blake, Jai Paul and Inc. how will my melodramatic ears survive the next few days… As much as most people wouldn’t like to admit with artist like mentioned above and How to Dress Well, and a slew of other folks what they’re making is R&B granted different sounds through lo-fi soul/r&b…

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    Roberta Narciso in “Rasgos de luz” for  Vogue Portugal December 2012 photographed by Pedro Ferreira


  • 90’s kids remember this?

    The word “hipster” means absolutely nothing anymore, and when it did back in the 50s, it was used to describe a “hip” person who enjoyed music, literature and mind altering substances. Today, it’s used for almost anyone who looks, acts and feels different, which is absurd because this kind of generalization leads to loss of social identity. We are all different in a way and thus we can not be divided in only two categories - “mainstreamers” and “hipsters”.

    Hey Ya (Jazz Cover) - 6iJazz

    This is a great take on the classic ”Hey Ya” by Outkast from a band called 6iJazz. It takes the original upbeat poppy tune & gives it a really great twist. They manage to take the energy present in the original and harness it to take you to this comforting place, almost as if you’re back in the safety of your mother’s womb. It’s raining outside, so I’m going to go light a fire, drink some black coffee, smoke come cigarettes, & make this the soundtrack of my night. Enjoy.

    40 days of good music

    Ride or Die - The Budos Band

    40 days of good music

    Fais Do Do - Lefties Soul Connection

    40 days of good music

    Lone Rose - George Barnett

    George Barnett is only 17 years old yet he plays more instruments than most people could hope to in their life time and in his debut album demonstrates a musical prowess that parallels the likes of other great multi-instrumentalists such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, & Paul McCartney. 17 days  is an indie masterpiece in which he wrote every song, played every instrument including, but not exclusive to guitar, keyboard, piano, drums, trumpet and strings, and to top it all off he produced the whole thing. 

    As if that weren’t enough, George Barnett uploaded his own album to the Pirate Bay because in his words, “..although I like money and that people buy my songs, I also understand what it’s like to be broke too and I still value your support.”

    I have a feeling that Mr. Barnett will be an indie force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

    40 days of good music

    What’s goin’ on - Donny Hathaway

    40 days of music

    Donny Hathaway really does Marvin Gaye justice in this version of ‘What’s goin’ on.’ Although the chord structure is completely different, Donny’s interpretation of the song brings about some welcomed changes, making this song a classic for the second time.